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I want to carve a hole
in the ceiling of my room
a little hiding place for you
They say that when you die
you grow a wing or two
I'll believe in that for you

Every night is brittle bones
and scrambled voices on the phone
and laughter when you're all alone
and sounds upstairs when no one's home
I'd like to think that everyone
has someone special made for them
a place to land. a bit of sun.
But if that's true, then why the guns?

Everyone who's passed
waiting there for you
I hope we'll be there soon
Cheaters will wake up
on some foreign distant moon
You can't trick your way through

I need you to make friends
who will be there for you
when I've finally pushed through
you'll need a strong heart
you'll need a strong mind
to tell you what to do

Every night is plastic sheets
and broken blisters on my feet
and angry shouting from the streets
and homicide. and rotting meat.
I'd like to make you see my side
force you out of your sick pride
but i've got no hope left, sweet bride
that part of me has died

Take me, my sweet Lord, into your arms
away from their temples and body farms
You are the brightest light. You are my king.
To you I surrender everything. Everything.



from Demo, released February 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Dropped Calls Grand Rapids, Michigan

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